New Honeybee Page, Awesome Orb-weavers, and Twista the Twisting, Turning Frog Video.

I started a Honeybee Page. In all this time of owning a digital camera, I have never been able to photograph a honey bee. Click on the photo below for lots more pictures of honeybees on stone crop flowers (which I just discovered they are very much attracted to). A few really neat orb-weavers are living around the outside of my house. Click on the photo below to see many more of this spider and the others.

Twista has always been a very unique frog with motions unlike any normal African Clawed Frog. I captured her in action while feeding with her siblings and dad. Make sure to watch to the end (or at least fast-forward to about a minute before it ends) for some real craziness.


~ by kozmicdreams on September 22, 2009.

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