Joe Satriani Concert

Tonight was my 9th time seeing Joe Satriani rock out on guitar.  I was surprised when I looked up the last Satriani blog entry to find that I haven’t seen him play in 2 1/2 years—I hadn’t realized it had been that long.  This time, he played at the Royal Oak Music Theater and there were no seats set up (which is a good thing).  I ended up hanging out more towards the back by the bar area where there was a ton of room to freely dance, which is what I want to do most at a Satriani show, and often am not able to when there are seats.  I don’t remember hearing him ever play anything off the Time Machine album before, but tonight, he played the song “Time Machine” and it was awesome!!!  He opened with “I Just Wanna Rock”, which I commented just before the show started that I knew he would be playing that one.  This was the first concert I’ve ever attended that had an entire movie-sized screen composed of hundreds of LED lights that flashed different colors and produced different patterns.  I have seen smaller versions of those before as side stage accents, but never as a huge backdrop.  Really very neat.  The only thing that would have been better is if it were a little less crowded and not as loud, so that I could have been up near the front of the stage to have a chance at getting a guitar pick and Joe could have actually seen me going crazy to his music (since no one else was dancing).  Definitely a night to remember though!

In case you’ve never heard of Joe Satriani, or just want to see a good live video, check out this one of him playing one of my favorite songs, “Flying in a Blue Dream”.


~ by kozmicdreams on October 9, 2008.

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