Peter Frampton Concert

As part of my mission to see all my favorite 70’s musicians at least once, I sure couldn’t miss Peter Frampton, whom I’ve never seen before. He played at DTE tonight.  It was an awesome show, although I didn’t end up sitting in my assigned seats. I had row P, a little left of center, but it was way too loud, even with my ear protection, so we ended up sitting in row SS, which was a more comfortable volume and cooler (there was no ventilation near the stage and it was hot from all the people and stage lights). So much for getting good seats anymore. I wish there weren’t such vast discrepancies between volume levels at concerts. Anyhow, the highlights of the show for me were when he played an instrumental version of the Soundgarden classic “Black Hole Sun” and of course, the famous “Do You Feel Like We Do,” which surprisingly was not the encore song. I thought it should have been because everyone was waiting for that one and it just didn’t seem right to play anything else after the climax of the show. Oh well, can’t ever complain about getting more music, but it did seem unusual to me.

~ by kozmicdreams on July 29, 2008.

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