New camera, new macro photos.

I bought a Canon EOS 40D to do all of my macro shots from now on. I just couldn’t resist the automatic sensor cleaning (which really helps when you are in the process of taking pictures and notice there’s a speck of dust in a crucial area of the photograph and can do nothing about it since manual cleaning requires about 20 minutes and should be done indoors). I’ll be using my EOS 30D for all the regular shots (even got a new 28-135 image-stabilized zoom lens with the package deal with my 40D).

I uploaded lots of new photos taken from this camera. I think the upgraded sensor also adds to the brilliance of the colors. I photographed a mayfly, cucumber beetle, jumping spider, and my spider friends “Tufts” and “Mr. Greenfangs.” Just click on the photos below to see more of that of insect or spider.

~ by kozmicdreams on June 11, 2008.

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