My 24-year old African Clawed Frog Passed Away

I woke up today to find that my pet of 13 years had died. The weather had gotten warmer, but it wasn’t any more than 83 in my house, so I can’t attribute it to the heat, like the last frog I lost. I don’t know why he died. He was 11 when I got him and he was my favorite frog. I have heard that they sometimes live to be 30 or more, but I guess 24 is a pretty long life for him. Still, it’s sad, mostly because now I only have one left and he has to live all by himself now. I am thinking about getting him a female friend.

Also sad, we discovered that upon returning from Kids in the Hall last night in the pouring rain, the car ran over a mature male toad (could tell by its shape). Wasn’t one that I have in my catalog of local toads, but still very sad. We buried him today too.


~ by kozmicdreams on May 31, 2008.

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