Kids in the Hall at the Royal Oak Music Theater

Some people may remember the Kids in the Hall, a sketch comedy group from Canada that had a show on CBC from 1988-1994. I have seen nearly all the episodes. Also saw them for their 2000 North American Tour, but haven’t really seen much of them for 8 years. Apparently, they performed at a “Just for Laughs” Comedy Festival in Quebec, from which they drew most of their material for tonight’s show. The show was great and I laughed a lot. Although I couldn’t even sit in my second row seats because the venue chose to put a huge speaker right in front of them and blast theme music so loud it was unbearable, not to mention the fact that the actors’ voices were also blasting super-loud through them. There was no reason to have stage-level speakers—the overheads would have been plenty. Anyhow, I had to leave my seat and view it from the bar area (which ended up being a better view anyhow). Didn’t realize I’d need earplugs for a sketch comedy routine. Oh well, still a good time overall.


~ by kozmicdreams on May 30, 2008.

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