Tapes don’t suck as much as I thought, but some CDR’s do.

Ok, so I burned some CDR’s of some cheap brand called Dynex.  I put one in my truck’s factory CD changer (it’s a 1995 Ranger) and it played until about track 8, when it suddenly started skipping, then turned off, and the display said “no cd”.  Then I smelled an electrical burning smell.  It completely fried my CD changer!  I strongly suggest if you have any older CD players, you don’t use this brand of CDR in them.  I’m not going to use them in anything else I own, new or not.  So then, I was freaking out because I didn’t know what I was going to listen to anymore in my truck (and I hate the radio (especially talk radio in the morning on the way to work) and can’t stand silence while I’m driving).

So I dug out my old tapes.  Luckily, I had some that I actually didn’t mind listening to.  The funniest thing was that after a few days of listening to some of the tapes that I was listening to on CD, I realized that the low bass was sounding better on the tapes.  I always wondered why some of my rap cd’s never sounded as good as back in the day when I played them on tapes, but always attributed it to a new car, new stereo, etc.  I never realized it was actually the media!  So now I find myself wondering if I should buy some of my favorite rap albums on tape!?!?

So this could only last so long of course—I had to get CD capability back in my truck.  It was going to cost a lot of money to buy a new changer, which might also require a new head unit to operate it.  So I researched it and discovered that there are basically only two types of changers that were installed in Ford cars and trucks—one with a gray eject button and one with an orange button.  I had the orange button one, which used a 12-pin connector.  On one forum I was on, some guy said any 12-pin changer will work in any Ford car/truck.  Hoping he was right, I bought one on E-bay from someone who had it in a 2000 Ford, so it was 5 years newer and a different model number.  Installed it in about 5 minutes yesterday and it works great—it actually sounds better than my old one!

So what could have been a bad experience turned out well in two ways—I now have a better changer (although it cost be about $100 after shipping) and I discovered the benefits of tapes.


~ by kozmicdreams on December 26, 2007.

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