Pandora Sphinx Moth and Wild Cucumbers

A student brought in a Pandora Sphinx Moth and I took it home to photograph.  I had to put them on a brand new page because I took so many photographs.  Click on the photo below to see them.

I also photographed these unusual wild cucumbers.  I grew a plant from seeds my dad found last fall.  Click on the photo to read about it and see the pictures.


~ by kozmicdreams on October 16, 2007.

5 Responses to “Pandora Sphinx Moth and Wild Cucumbers”

  1. Hi My mom used to grow these guys on the sides of our coal bin when I was a kid. My foundest memories was squeezing them to make them pop. I would dearly love to obtain seeds for these guys.Whom do I talk to. (I am 65 years old). Thank you so kindly for the fond memories

  2. Hi, watering the garden ,eary evening I saw two if these pandora sphinx moths on the wall. I have never seen one before they were huge.

  3. those are some beautiful pictures of the Pandora Sphinx Moth. This mornign getting ready to leave I had one on my front screen door and I took a few pics of it and didn’t even know what it was til I looked it up

  4. I’m doing a bug collection & I have a Pandora Sphnix Moth in it. We have to know the scientific name & the family does anybody know those?

  5. Eumorpha Pandorus, the family is Sphingidae.

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