A Sad Birthday

Today was my birthday, but it wasn’t too happy. My central air died and it reached 90.3 degrees in my house according to my digital thermometer. It never went below 87 for over 36 hours. I didn’t think to check on my african clawed frogs because, hey, aren’t they from Africa? But one of them died. And the other two were a very pale green—just like a stressed fish tends to whiten. I immediately changed them into cooler water and moved them to my den where I hooked up a small window AC. They turned green again after a few hours and will most likely be fine. But I am sad about the other one, who has been my pet for about 15 years. I am thinking that because they were most likely lab-bred frogs, they probably have weaker genetics and can’t handle the heat like a wild-type frog. I guess I learned my lesson and will never let that happen to my other two frogs. These guys are known to live for up to 30 years, so they should have a lot of life left in them.

Also, one of my favorite spiders died. His name was Midnight Pouncer—he had the most beautiful chelicerae ever—they were blue! I think the reason he died was also because of the heat, although I was giving him water. Click here to see previous photos of Midnight Pouncer. I moved all of my other pets into the den today. It’s quite crowded, but it’s the only safe place for them.

~ by kozmicdreams on July 10, 2007.

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