Heaven and Hell Tour

Tonight, I went to the Heaven and Hell Tour at Cobo Arena, featuring Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio.  Although I would have rather heard some of the songs that Ozzy sang on, I still had a great time.  Machinehead and Megadeth opened for them.  I missed Machinehead’s performance, which was only about 25 minutes.  Megadeth was awesome—this was my second time seeing them play.  I met them a while back too when their CD, “Risk” came out and they held a signing.  It would have been a great overall time except for what happened close to the end.  It didn’t say anywhere on the ticket or in the venue that there was no recording or photos, so people all over the place had their cameras out, me included.  Then, shortly before the encore, two of the ushers came by and told me to give up my camera.  I refused, stating that no where did it say I couldn’t have it.  Then they said I’d have to come with them.  While I was explaining to Brian what was going on, they walked off and left me alone.  Unfortunately, I was unable to take any pictures or video from the best part of the show, which was pretty disappointing.  I don’t understand why they weren’t harassing the numerous others with cameras out, especially those on the main floor getting way better pics and video than I ever could from my crappy side seats!  When I have time, I will post the few pics and videos that I took.

~ by kozmicdreams on May 12, 2007.

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