Frank update #2

While I have managed to slowly decrease Frank’s water weight, he is still in very poor health.  Over the past week and a half, his lungs have filled with more and more fluid.  At times, I have seen him breathing with his mouth open, a sign of suffocation.  Because his nostrils were getting covered in soil, I can no longer keep him in his favorite setting, so he is rather uncomfortable now.  I have him in a container with a paper towel that is soaked with ringer’s solution.  Last week, I managed to force feed him a few crickets, but for the past 7 days, he has vomited them up.  Today, I am trying worm bits.  On try #1, he threw it up after about 15 minutes.  I am still waiting to see the results of try #2.  He was getting stronger after he ate a few crickets and I was starting to exercise him for about 30-45 minutes each day, but he hasn’t been strong enough to walk for the last 3 days now.  He hasn’t even opened his eyes for 3 days either.  Anyone that knows me knows that I won’t give up on him until he is dead.  I can’t lose hope until there is no more hope to be had.  So I will keep trying my best to save him.


~ by kozmicdreams on February 19, 2007.

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