New Tom Gaskins Postcard!

If you don’t know who Tom Gaskins is, then please check out my Tom Gaskins Page. He was a very unique individual and I share his love for cypress knees. Below is a picture of a postcard showing one of his famous knees, the Bona Lisa.

~ by kozmicdreams on December 25, 2006.

One Response to “New Tom Gaskins Postcard!”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful trip I just took down memory lane, let me explain….I spent quite a lot of my growing up years in Palmdale, at Tom & Gin’s home where the Cypress Museum was located. Tom Jr. and his sister, Gina were my friends. Many a night my Mom and Gin would heat water for the old tub so I could get some of that good ‘ole Palmdale dirt off! One never wore shoes while there! As I remember, I always had plenty on me ! Since I was there each and every hunting season,(Spring & Fall) as I remember, some were really cold and dressing by an old wood burning stove in the dining room was the norm in their Cypress home. I would fall asleep listenig to all the tall tales from Tom & Tom Jr. (that’s when Tom Jr. wasn’t scaring me half to death by climbing up in the open rafters of his Cyrpess home)and Bob Esslinger, Bill Hudson my Dad, Russ Smiley and countless others that were ALWAYS welcomed into the Gaskins home…Ahh the exploring that one could do…just amazing, just walking out in the swamp via the boardwalk was an adventure! and at the end riding in the canoe on Fisheating creek was breathtaking. I remember the water was always brownish, but that didn’t keep me from swimming in it! I didn’t mean to ramble on and on, just wanted to thank you for jogging an ‘ole ladies memory (64 this August)….I truly was blessed to have known such wonderful people back then! My Dad was the Artist that did the large mural in the museum when I was just a toddler, that was just yesterday…right !!! Sincerely, Sharon Smiley Hoyt, Ocala, Florida

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