Primus Sucks!

If you know about the band Primus, then you know I’m only kidding because that’s just something Primus fans say. I saw them play live at the State Theater in Detroit tonight. This is my second time seeing Primus and my third time seeing Les Claypool. I saw his Flying Frog Brigade Band once and also saw the “Tour de Fromage” where they played the entire “Sailing the Seas of Cheese” album. Primus seems to have a pretty good following in Detroit. I was on the Ticketmaster site the second the tix went on sale and I could still only get the back of the mezzanine. My seats were in the center though, which was good. It was a great show. They did a couple of long jams in the middle of songs that were pretty interesting. One was during the song “American Life” and I can’t remember the other song. They also had a light system with bands of LED lights that pulsed to the music and changed colors. Luckily, there was only one row behind me and the guys behind me were really getting into it and were already standing up, so I figured I might as well dance. It was nice to have some room up there because the main floor was super crowded. I would not have enjoyed myself down there. Things were really crazy by the stage. During nearly the entire time, there would be someone down there at the front of the stage crowd-surfing (there were actually signs in the lobby stating “no crowd-surfing”, but it didn’t seem to be enforced). It was definitely a great time!


~ by kozmicdreams on November 14, 2006.

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