Details of Previous Artwork

Not much new going on. Just been keeping busy with lesson planning, etc. I recently decided to begin dismantling my vine sculpture that I’ve had on display for the last 9 years. The problem with textural art is that it attracts a lot of dust. Part of the sculpture was above a heating vent, which made the dust problem even worse. I took a few closeup photographs of the vine sculpture so that it is better accounted for on my website, but by spring break, I hope to have it completely dismantled so that I can frame and hang some of my watercolors. I also decided to take some detail photographs of the Family Tree, since it was also in this room, and rather underrepresented on the website. Lastly, I took a few more detail photographs of my woodburned door, one of which is pictured below…



~ by kozmicdreams on February 18, 2006.

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