Albino Xenupus Dead

Another tragedy. I came home from work yesterday to find that my albino xenopus had jumped out of the hospital tank I had him in. He seemed to be affected the worst and was spinning in circles shortly after the large female died, so I separated him. He was doing great and I didn’t think they could jump out of a 8″ tall tank. But he was gone. I found him after about 15 minutes, covered in dust behind some storage crates. His skin had gotten somewhat dry and he was a bit abraded, but I figured he’d be okay once he got back in some water. I was wrong. This morning when I got up and checked on him, he was dead. I’m still trying to save the remaining three frogs who still look like they have some kind of infection causing eye cloudiness.

~ by kozmicdreams on September 3, 2005.

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