Strange Caterpillar/Cocoon

Brian brought home a very unusual caterpillar/cocoon that is covered in pieces of leaves. Click here to see pictures and a movie of it crawling. Below is a preview…



~ by kozmicdreams on August 1, 2005.

6 Responses to “Strange Caterpillar/Cocoon”

  1. we found about 30 or 40 of these and we took some of them and we were wondering if it was a caterpillar or a moth and we are trying to hatch them :] thank you

  2. i found one but it is covered with grass

  3. WE found some at our school….what ARE these?!

  4. It may be Evergreen Bagworm Moth

  5. the ones that make portable homes like this are usually Silk bag moth larvae.

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